Bright Moon Final

Welcome to Bright Moon School of Tai Chi


Beginners class

Tuesday 5th September at 1.00 p.m. at Retirement Centre, Park Street, Deal

Thursday 7th September at 10.00 a.m. at Triangle Centre Dover


Bright Moon School is based in South East Kent and provides classes in

Tai Chi and Qigong


Tai Chi and Qigong classes - both active and seated depending on your needs.  


Functional exercise classes - using resistance bands, parachute, bean bags, balls etc.


The tai chi classes can comprise of the following elements:


Tai Chi Form : this is the slowly performed routine.


Qigong: we study several different routines.  This is mostly breath and posture work.


Partner work: this is where class members work together to learn about how the body reacts to force in a controlled situation. It helps with balance, co-ordination and confidence.


Bringing together people who want to learn in a comfortable, sharing and safe atmosphere.

Gill winning a bronze medal and her fellow medal winners

European Championships St. Petersburg 2016


Gill practicing sword by the White Cliffs of Dover 2017

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